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Most modern 5 speed equipped vehicles have a clutch master and slave cylinder which replaced the older design “clutch cable”. The clutch fluid which is actually DOT 3 brake fluid should be replaced every three years.
Average cost $39 for most vehicles.

Clutch adjustment
Vehicles equipped with a clutch cable, do require periodic adjustment, is also prone to breaking at the cable ends, or the cable itself can break.
Average cost for clutch cable adjustment $39 for most vehicles.

Clutch replacement
A clutch replacement almost should always consist of replacing the following parts: clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing, pilot bushing, and either replacing or resurfacing the flywheel. Be aware of estimates that seem to be to good to be true when calling for estimates on a clutch replacement. You may be given a quote on the labor and the "clutch disc" only, with the news for additional parts after the vehicle’s transmission has already been removed.
TIP: Ask your tech to inspect the "rear main seal" located on the back of engine after the clutch has been removed. If it is leaking, the replacement should be less than 20 minutes additional work. Same applies for broken CV axle boots, worn out front brakes; take advantage of the time your are paying to have the transmission removed by getting additional worn parts replaced for no or little additional labor cost. (ask for a package deal).

Manual transmission gearbox
Usually a customer will experience a "grinding" gear or great difficulty getting the shifter into a particular gear. Most common is 1st or reverse gears. It is likely that a bad "syncro", or bearing for that gear is affected and the rest of the manual transmission is ok. Gearbox still requires removal and disassembly to replace the broken parts, it is labor intensive and not as many skilled gearbox rebuilders as there are automatic transmission rebuilders out there.
It requires experience and special tools to tackle most of these repairs.
Average manual transmission tear down, replace bearing and syncro kit, $850 - $1500 depending on the vehicle.

Shifter repair
A common perception of a failing manual transmission can actually be attributed to worn out shifter bushings. The bushings are easy to replace and will keep you from possibly damaging the manual transmissions syncros, has mentioned above.
Average cost $89 - $149 depending on your vehicle.

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