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Lighting & electric We specialize in electrical repairs, where most shops ignore or not willing to tackle these repairs as they are either very simple or too time consuming (less profitable). We are prepared to take on challenging electrical repairs in an efficient manner and fair price.

Need to replace a burned out headlamp bulb?

We stock most bulbs to get you back on the road quickly. Average cost is $22 installed, for most vehicles.

Already replaced a bulb and it still doesnít work?

Likely the problem is the socket, loose or broken wiring or the sensor that commands the lamp to illuminate. Average cost for repair $49 - $99 for most repairs. Let us check the basics to get you back on the road safely and avoid the risk of a fix-it ticket.

Headlamps not as bright as they should be?

Many modern vehicles have a plastic protective lens to protect the headlamp. Trouble is, the plastic becomes cloudy due to exposure to sunlight, reducing the headlamp brightness significantly. The average cost for headlamp lens polishing is $89 per pair depending on condition.
For the vehicles interior, we repair:
  • cigarette lighter socket
  • instrument cluster lighting
  • turn signal repair
  • fuel gauge
  • cruise control
  • interior dome lamps
  • heater & air conditioning electrical failure
  • radio controls
  • electric windows
  • electric door locks
  • power seats
  • defroster
  • horn
  • non-operational windshield wipers & washer jets
  • speedometer
  • heater fans
  • ignition switch & cylinder lock replacement

Under the hood, we repair:
  • alternator
  • starter
  • voltage regulator
  • difficult electrical repairs
  • wiring harness repair & replacement
  • distributor
  • diagnose electric non operational electric cooling fans
  • A/C compressor operation

We can rebuild your vehicles onboard computer (electronic control module) saving $ís.

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