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Common symptoms include:

  • Steering wheel shakes.
  • vehicle pulls to the right or left.
  • steering does not feel firm and controlled.
  • vehicle "dog tracks" or gets pulled along into grooves in the road bed.
  • Tires seem to wear out fast or the tires are wearing on the outside edge or inside edge.
  • Tires are wearing in a "blocking" or "alligator" pattern along the tread.

  • We start with a thorough inspection.
    Steering & Suspension

    Road test vehicle, check power steering pump, p/s hoses, steering gear or rack and pinion unit for leaks and condition, check tie rod ends, check power steering fluid level and condition, check shocks, struts, ball joints, tie rods, strut mounts, steering gear, sway bar bushings, links, springs, check wheel bearings, check tire condition and tire pressure.

    Inspect cost varies between $39 - $69 depending on the vehicle. Inspection will apply toward repairs.

    Average cost for suspension & steering component repairs average $159 - $799 most vehicles.

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