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During a flush service, the transmission pan is not removed to gain access to the transmission filter.
Fluid is circulated thru the transmission lubrication and cooling system continuously until the system is entirely clean. Transmission Flush service can use up to 16 quarts of transmission fluid, and some transmissions require a synthetic or proprietary manufacturers fluid. On the other hand, a transmission fluid drain and filter replacement will extract about half of the transmission fluid in the system. Which service to choose depends on your vehicles fluid type, the condition of the fluid, and the miles since the last service to determine the most cost effective service.

Average cost for a transmission fluid flush $150 - $250 most cars and up to $375 for lifetime fluids. Average cost for a transmission fluid filter and fluid service $89 - $159 most cars and light trucks.

Common Transmission Symptoms:
The most common problem we encounter with our customers is "no reverse" or a severe delay before reverse gear will engage. In some cases the transmission may not need to be replaced or rebuilt.
A reverse section in some transmissions can be repaired, and you are back on the road, as long as the forward gears are not delaying or "slipping" too.

Another symptom is no overdrive; the last gear your transmission shifts into, at highway speeds. The overdrive lamp may blink, or will not turn off as a possible clue to an overdrive problem. Again in some vehicles the overdrive section of the transmission may be repaired rather than the entire transmission being replaced.

TIP: All modern transmissions have electronic solenoids and sensors which command and control the transmissions activities. At least 30% of the time, a customers perception of a failing transmission can be repaired, (with proper diagnosis) by replacing for example; electronic components; repairing a valve body, or even replacing a plugged transmission filter. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars by giving our customers a second opinion and good news about lower cost options for their vehicle.
Transmission fluid condition can give some indication as to the transmissions health but usually not a complete picture if the transmission has symptoms such as: erratic shifting, delayed shifting, "stack shifting" , transmission may be taking off in a higher gear than designed, exhibit symptoms only when the vehicle is cold in the morning or after many miles of driving, delay in reverse, slipping between gears, etc.

We conduct a through road test, scan the vehicles onboard computer for transmission fault codes and engine fault codes. Check for applicable technical service bulletins for your vehicle, verify symptoms, check fluid level and condition, analyze whether the problem is electrical, computer controls, an internal failure and if so, to what extent.
Average diagnosis or evaluation cost FREE - $125 if further electrical pinpoint tests are required.

Overdrive or reverse repairs have historically cost $495 - $1100 depending on the vehicle
Valve body repair average $250 - $650 most cars Solenoid or sensor repairs average $150 - $750 most cars

Replacement or rebuilt Transmission
Transmission replacement or rebuilding price range $850 - $1900 including installation, most cars.
Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, Range Rover are also available at discounted prices, call for details. Starting at $1500

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