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The main components of the power window system, the window motor, regulator, window switch, wiring and relay.

The first clue of a failing window regulator are unusual noises from the door as the window is raised or lowered. Followed by the window moving upward at an angle or dropping suddenly.

The window motor is subjected to extra stress when the window is not moving smoothly and can cause the motor to fail.

Window switches do fail but is less common than the window regulator.
Power door lock system generally contain metal rods, actuators, door handle, lock mechanism, switch and lock cylinder.

In most cases the interior door panel will be removed to test and inspect the source of a window or door lock failure. We are very careful to ensure the panel is not damaged upon removal, we determine the source of the failure and can replace the required parts usually in one day.

Diagnosis and inspection $49 - $99 which includes removal of the interior door panel, this fee applies toward repairs

Window regulator average cost $169 - $259 for most vehicles

Power window motor average cost $140 - $260 for most vehicles if not included with the regulator

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